Design and Build

When you are looking to successfully design and build properties in Singapore, whether commercial or homes, Kapa Design has you all covered.

We offer a unique opportunity for our clients. Rather than having to find an architect, the land, the builder, and all the other professionals involved in each process, you could work with us where we offer a multi-disciplinary consultancy and collaborative platform. We specialise in property redevelopment, asset enhancement, architectural and interior design.

Why waste time when you can come to a one-stop service that offers an immaculate white glove experience? Of course, we also offer a more modular approach if you prefer.

Here is a look at the process you go through with us.


1. Choosing and buying the land

Where the property is going to be built is important. For a business, you will want to be in a good location for your industry, for a home you need to consider the needs and lifestyle of the occupants whether it is proximity to schools, healthcare or entertainment. At Kapa Design, we can help you through this process and help you buy a plot of land that will best meet your needs. Not only can we source a suitable site for the property we can also help you with the negotiations and acquisition. We also offer services in property enhancement and progression.

2. Architectural design

When we have helped you purchase the right land, or if you have managed that stage and are ready for stage 2, then we can move on to the design and build process for the development of the property. We have expert architects ready to help you design your ideal commercial property or home. We take your preferences and concepts and transform them into a 3D design. We include a timeline, detailed budgeting and project overview, strategies for sustainability and conservation as well as design and construction development.

3. Getting all the right permits and starting construction

Before construction begins it is important that you or the people working for you to make sure you have the right permits and are building according to any zoning laws. Things like building height restrictions, setbacks, easements, or being in an environmentally sensitive area are all things that might affect the permits. Kapa Design professionals can ensure that you have all the approvals in place so that construction can start with our expert builders. We take care of the whole design and build process by using highly qualified and skilled professionals from concept to reality so that you can be at rest. We promise outstanding craftsmanship, progressing on time, communicating clearly, paying attention to the details and using quality materials only.

4. Post-completion

Our final stage with you is all about making sure the property is completed on time and within your budget. And we stand by to follow up on all warranty issues and to make sure that any and all issues are dealt with quickly and to your satisfaction. We can also assist you to manage your property if it is meant for resale or rental because KAPA Design works with some of the best and most committed real estate professionals in the industry.


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