Interior Design

There are four stages to the process of an end-to-end real estate experience with Kapa Design.
Stage 1 is project initiation, Stage 2 is where the design and innovations take place, Stage 3 is construction and Stage 4 is post-completion.
As part of our design collective platform, we offer you the chance to work with competent and experienced professionals including the interior designer of your choice.
KAPA Design can deliver the interior of your dreams.

What our interior designers have to offer every client

KAPA Design is a collective of designers and this includes interior designers whom we have worked with that displays a passion for high quality work in their field. Our designers:


1. Be highly creative and pay attention to each detail

The best interior designers are highly creative and can design for all kinds of clients. At Kapa Design, we pride ourselves in a team that includes professionals who are adaptable, pay attention to even the smallest of details while understanding the vision that you have for your property.

2. Be up to date with sustainable design features

We are aware that more and more clients want their homes or workplaces to be sustainable and we are ready to work with you to offer the best in eco-friendly features.

3. Be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends

Our top interior designers are trend setters and most of them have their unique style that others try to follow.

4. Be able to use the best methods to create your designs

Our interior designers can use both 2D and 3D visual designs to best help you to visualise your concept and to make them come to life.

5. Be excellent at communicating with others

Our Interior designers are great at communicating, they meet with and understand what you want, as well as work with contractors and other professionals to achieve that.

6. Have superior organisational skills

Our Interior Designers are able to translate your vision and also organise the people and orchestrate the time to realise your vision.

Kapa Design is the best place to look for quality interior design and more!

We can help you with expert interior design work in Singapore with all types of properties at any stage of the process. At KAPA Design, we are on the constant lookout for talented and established interior designer as part of our collective so that you will have the best pick to see your project come to life.